Hey Poppy! 

Hey Poppy & The Poppy App

Hey there!

I’m Amy the founder of Hey Poppy.

In a nutshell, I am passionate about supporting small business. The poppy app was built for businesses to have their own flexible, fun and valuable platform to connect to a new audience.

I spent a loooong time in the advertising industry. Over 18 years. I worked with some incredible agencies and creative directors and loved whole heartedly my job as a producer. I have worked on television commercials at a local, national and international level and been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best in the biz. BUT there is nothing I love more than my own business I have been growing for the past 4 years.

I am a born ‘connecter’. I LOVE ‘hooking people up’ and taking all my skills as a producer and putting them in to this business means I get to do what I love & hopefully make a difference to small businesses and busy women looking to find things easily! 

Plus, I love a laugh, who doesn’t. So hopefully you get this along the way too…

I love our community, I love supporting small businesses and I am very proud of the product I have created.

So glad you are here,

Amy x

Here’s what you might like to know. I have…

  • Worked on award winning TV programs
  • Produced commercials at a local, national & international level
  • Worked with international creative professionals including Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil talent
  • Produced Virtual Events with Lisa Messenger & Industry Experts
  • Designed and created our Hey Poppy app 
  • Built a business with over 5k members & 500+ small businesses
  • Produced an online magazine
  • Created podcast episodes
  • Currently I work with a number of freelancers & contractors from junior through to senior. As part of Poppy I can connect you to who I recommend! 

Meet the team!

Content Manager
Annabel Fuller


From day one Annabel has been an ASSET to Hey Poppy! Aside from being reliable, great at what she does, efficient and intuitive she is great at listening to my weekly ‘brain dumps’! This is her bio. If this isn’t a perfect fit to the Poppy team – I dont know what is!

As a recent grad with a love for words, I joined the Poppy team eager to share other women’s success with the world. 🌏BUT what I never expected was to be so inspired by the BOSS LADIES sharing their talents with one another to build each other up. Naturally, as a Gen Z’er, I love stalking all of your amazing socials, webpages and email lists for new and exciting services that we can share on the Poppy platform. I’ve had so much fun, working with the team to put together the Hey Poppy B2B virtual expo mag and I hope you love it as much as I do. 💞

What I loved most about exploring your fabulous businesses was discovering the driving force that inspired your brand, so I thought I would share 5 reasons I became a wordsmith and joined the wonderful Poppy team;

  • I absolutely adore Christmas 🎄- mostly due to the festivities and Poppy’s expo recreates the feeling of excitement and joy.
  • I love emoji’s – my current favourite is ✨, so expect to see it in lots of our upcoming insta posts.
  • Pre-Pandemic Travel was my inspiration for getting into the Journo game. ✈️
  • One day I would like to start my own business – but I’m not sure what I would do – so keep the Inspo coming ladies 😂👏


Junior Designer