Music can impact our mood, but did you know amongst its many benefits productivity in the workplace is one of them? Regardless of it’s your favourite rock song, preppy pop or a classical tune, read on to find out how jamming out at work could be your ticket to corporate success.

By Annabel Fuller 

New research shows that listening to music at work is not only widespread, but also potentially beneficial for productivity. Silence may be golden, but research from staffing firm Accountemps shows most workers feel more productive when listening to music at the office. But what are the benefits of jamming out to your favourite tunes at work?


Increased Productivity

Recent studies have confirmed that the large majority (79%) of people increase productivity when listening in to music. The studies found little difference between listening with headphones or out loud, but having an office playlist that everyone can contribute too can boost morale.

Reduced Stress

We’ve all felt the 3 pm crash, lacking energy, but work pilling up on our desks our stress and anxiety can skyrocket. When our anxiety is high, listening to a soothing tune, particularly a pop-song to put us in a good mood or a slow, quiet classical melody to calm us can significantly reduce stress. Classical music has been proven to slow pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease the levels of stress hormones.

Increased Focus

Ever had to complete an important task but cant focus over the sound of your co-worker on the phone, the busy street outside or general office chatter? Thankfully, music can be a solution to this issue. Soft, calming music can drown out these sounds, rather than adding sound clutter – allowing you to focus and complete your task.

Improved Mood

Everybody has those days. Things aren’t going right, and you need a pick me up. Music releases dopamine making us feel happy and content, improving our mood, regardless of what side of the bed we wake upon. So, music is important as a happy employee is a more productive employee.


Whether it’s classical, EDM, Rock or Pop, listening to your favourite music at work can have many benefits. The next time you’re feeling stressed or need to focus, turn on your favourite song and get to work!