Being a woman in business can be both daunting and thrilling. We can go from feeling on top of the world to feeling overwhelmed in the shortest of time. That’s why Poppy has compiled a list of must-listen podcasts to empower every women entrepreneur.

By Annabel Fuller

Looking to be inspired by some of the best in the biz? We sure are! That’s why we curated a list of five of our favourite podcasts that empower and inspire us every episode.

Goal Digger

“How do I build my dream job? Can I turn my passion into profit? And am I ready to leave the 9 to 5 grind? If these questions come to mind, you’ve come to the right place. Goal Digger hosted by Jenna Kutcher will answer all your questions about becoming a #girlboss. From productivity tips, social media hacks and business strategies, this podcast is sure to inspire you to leap into being your-own goal digger. Listen here

Brown Ambition

This honest and refreshing weekly podcast run by two minority women covers topics ranging from career know-hows to building personal finance on your terms. Brown Ambition will leave you informed and empowered. Must-listen episode: “Don’t Solve the Same Problem Twice.” Listen here

Being Boss

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, freelancer or wanting to quit your day job to make your side-hustle full time, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon’s Being Boss is the pod for you. The “business besties” dive into everything from mindset and habits to marketing tactics and branding all while interviewing boss ladies such as Brooke Castillo, Chalene Johnson, and Melissa Hartwig. Listen here

Her Money

Finances are scary, and talking about money can be taboo. Her Money has meaningful conversations about wealth creation to help women feel confident in making smart investments to achieve financial independence. Listen here

The Femails

This show covers women, work, and how to build a successful career on your terms. Career Contessa CEO Lauren McGoodwin interviews different women ranging from CEOs to a happiness psychologist, about their failures, triumph, and advice for career and self-development. Listen here