Houseplants have bloomed into fashion once more. Poppy is here to guide you on the green companions that work with your home and your lifestyle.

By Annabel Fuller 


Cold but bold? Striking yet functional? If you like to keep things simple and minimalist, then look no further than the rubber plant (fiscus elastica). This plant boasts big, shiny, deep green leaves. Perfect for homes with a monochromatic colour palette, they can grow quite large and are easy to look after.


The fiddle leaf fig has been trending for AGES! This plant is perfect for modern homes and has the added benefit of filtering toxins from the air. Growing your fiddle leaf fig to epic proportions is possible with the basic care of sunlight and water.


Cacti are essential when going for a boho look. They’re very hardy plants which work well in potted gardens, making them perfect for apartment / tiny home living. Our Spikey friends thrive in summer and demand little maintenance. Place in a sunny spot and water once every other week. Cacti come in endless shapes and sizes and many flower too!


The chain of hearts (creopegia woodii) is a stylish, hanging house plant, making it perfect for the Scandinavian style. Stripping things back to basics this indestructible plant will work side-by-side in a Scandi setting. The chain of hearts is ideal for people looking for something stylish yet low maintenance.

Mid-century modern

The Swiss cheese plant (monstera delicosa) has hands down been the “it plant” for years, for a reason. Their large, split leaves will grow in every direction making a statement in any home. Water once a week or until the top of the soil feels dry.


Nothing says coastal living like sipping on a pina cola on the beach beneath the palm trees. Invoke the sense of year-round holiday mode in your coastal home with palm trees. Palms are easy to grow indoors, with some varieties requiring very little watering. One of the best indoor palm plants is the lady palm (rhapis excelsa) which tolerates both low light and dry conditions – winning!


Industrial style homes generally have the advantage of space – think warehouse conversions with high ceilings and exposed beams. So go big with your indoor plants! Indoor trees such as the European Olive (olea europea) or the triangle ficus (ficus triangularis) are perfect for creating an indoor jungle.